Fighting talk...

Task One: Treasure

Task Two: Throwing Things (part one)

Task Two: Throwing Things (part two)

Task Three: Hemispheres (part one)

Task Three: Hemispheres (part two)


"One of you must draw the Southern Hemisphere, the other the Northern Hemisphere..."

Sam and Emily disqualified

Task Four: Boats (part one)

Task Four: Boats (part two)

"Without touching the boat..."

Independent panel vote that string is not part of the boat, Ollie and Jade survive.

Task Five: Jigsaw

Task Six: Coin (part one)

Task Six: Coin (part two)

Task Seven: Charades (part one)

Task Seven: Charades (part two)

Task Eight: Bucket (part one)

Task Eight: Bucket (part two)


Alison and Mick disqualified

Task Eight: Bucket (part three)

Full task list for Wheel of Doom...


Task Eight: DOOM (part one)

Task Eight: DOOM (part two)

Task Eight: DOOM (part three)

New for 2021, bonus point if you can beat the Taskmasters...

Each team supplied a task for the Taskmasters and one other team to battle it out head to head

Challenge the Taskmasters #1

Challenge the Taskmasters #2

Challenge the Taskmasters #3 (part one)

Opening packaging before hands behind back and not saying "your time starts now" deemed as cheating.

Alison and Mick re-do task live at TM viewing (and win bonus point)

Challenge the Taskmasters #3 (part two)

Challenge the Taskmasters #4

Challenge the Taskmasters #5