Meet the contestants...

Part One

Our contestants answer the TM call, but did they manage to crack the code...?

Part Two

Hats, hats full of things.

Part Three A

Unusual animals...

Part Three B

More unusual animals...

Part Four

Fun with the alphabet...

Part Five

Cool (debatable) things from far away lands...

Part Six A

How suprised do we look?

Part Six B

What were we surprised (or not) by... ?

Part Seven A

Some portraits...

Part Seven B

Some portraits...

Part Seven C


The Portraits...

Part Eight

Rock, paper, scissors anyone?

Part Nine A


Part Nine B


Part Ten

Household items...

Part Eleven

Anyone for spot the difference?

The Final Scores...

Bonus Content

surprise from Clare and Alan, all the contestants take on the Taskmaster's themselves in a bonus section...

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