International AIDs Conference

Logo design and animation featuring at the global event…

Part of my work with the lovely team at ViiV Healthcare was to produce a series of animations for their Every Footstep Counts competition.

ViiV Healthcare, along with MTV Staying Alive, the International AIDs Society & Keep a Child Alive, asked community groups around the world to produce a short film documenting how their work is contributing to the end of mother to child transmission of HIV in their community. Asking that the films should be ‘in the footsteps’ of either beneficiaries, community health workers, clinic teams or others involved in the project to showcase the very people making positive change a reality. Entries were also asked to demonstrate the impact of the intervention on people in the community and in so doing, highlight how Every Footstep Counts.

The competition was a success with 40 entries from across the globe and the winners being crowned at the International AIDs Conference in Durban, South Africa.

My work, including the Every Footstep Counts logo, was seen around the event and it’s great to see a project I worked on being used so effectively and for a fantastic cause…

logo design for healthcare branding and animation by freelancer benjaminG

Internation AIDs Conference Durban South Africa - Event graphics

Internation AIDs Conference Durban South Africa - Award Ceremony animation

Internation AIDs Conference Durban South Africa - Winners certifcate